Strangers at 47, Section 17, PJ

I am not a person who revisits a Cafe, unless they serve super delicious food with reasonable price. 
Let's face it, recession is hitting us hard on our face, 
and we gotta be practical. 

So it SAYS A LOT, when I visited this place 3 times within a month! 

During my first visit, I just came here without knowing what to expect, 
I only knew one thing about them, 
that is they serve crepes. 
andddddddd, I love crepes. 

During my first visit, I bumped into a uni friend of mine, who was dining with her bf. So I ran, yes, I did, I ran into the shop, straight to her table and shouted, OMG IT'S YOU I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU HERE THIS IS SUCH A COINCIDENCE. Yesssssss... I didn't even give her a chance to reply a single word. HAHAHHAHAHAHHA! 

Then I was brought back to reality when they both looked at me, all stoned, then I chilled and said, oooppssss sorry then I went to my seat and sat down. HAHHAHAHAHHA! Her BF has excellent photography skills so I insisted that he took a couple of photos for us. And I loved them!

So yeah, after all the embarrassment, I scrutinized the menu, and picked one savoury crepe and another for desserts. 

 Lethal Shrooms. 
The moment you take a bite, your heart stops beating, 
it tastes so good that it's lethal. 
I like the combinations of different mushrooms, 
very well seasoned! 
A little bit of greens, 
the yolk running all over the crepe once it's poked, 
the whole thing orchestrated so well, 
as though beautiful melody is being played on our taste buds. 

 Can't remember the name of this dish, 
but it's made up of mashed yam, sago and gula melaka. 
Gula melaka makes every desserts taste 10 or even 100 times better. 
So I had high expectations for this. 
But I'd say this was only okayyyyyyy.. 
I like their savoury crepes better. :D

Anddddddd.... During my second visit.....

We went for a Hen's Crush upon staff's recommendation. 
It has chicken, cucumber, hash browns and BBQ sauce I think? 
It wasn't the besttttttt of all dishes, 
but it tasted good nonetheless. 

On my third visitttttttttt... 
I brought my BFF along, 
because I wanted to let her try this awesome food that I am loving.

 Andddddd of course I had to pick my favourite, Lethal Shrooms. 
I must admit that I can be a little too conservative when it comes to food? 
I tend to stick to the food that I like every time I revisit the place? 
But lethal shrooms is just tooooooo goodddddd that I can't just let this chance slips. LOL. 

The staff recommended Adam's sin for my friend. 
Which was gooodddddd!!! 

The price for each food ranges around 18-30. 
But it tastes really good and it's worth a try!

Address: 47, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7497 2409

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