COCO2U Skin Care Starter Kit Set - Secret to Smooth and Radiant Skin

D has absolutely smooth and radiant skin, which is also really fair and pinkish all the time, and these enviable qualities of his skin were not solely attributed to good genes! 
He knows not to take his great skin for granted, therefore, he is pretty diligent with his skin care! 
Many people have asked him how he maintain his skin and what is his skin care routine!

You guys are in good luck today because he's decided to reveal to the world, the skin care he uses, and how he uses them on a daily basis! 

D has a soft spot for coconuts. 
He loves every single thing about coconut, be it the taste, the smell, the fruits, its byproducts etc. 
He can never get enough of coconut. 

Which is why it certainly comes as a no surprise when he decided to start putting coconut on his face! 

For years and years, coconut oil had been a favourite in the kitchen. 
The discoveries of its immense therapeutic benefits for the skin had soon brought coconut oil out of the kitchen to the dressing table! 

Coconut oil works incredibly well to moisturise dry skin without leaving a greasy residue; its antibacterial property (lauric acid) makes it works miraculously on acne-prone skin both to kill the P. Acne bacteria as well as clearing the pores; it can also be used to treat fungal infection; reduce and prevent wrinkles; soothe sunburnt skin etc.

Despite all these benefits coconut oil gives to the skin, smothering coconut oil on the skin is still not the most practical way to do it if I am honest. I can't imagine dealing with the aftermath where it makes everything oily afterward. 

All thanks to CoCo2u! Now we don't have to deal with the difficult oily mess it leaves, but still able to enjoy the benefit of coconut oil! 

In addition to coconut oil, COCO2U has also incorporated Natural Botanical Active Ingredients in their products to ensure enhanced efficiency and better delivery into the skin! 
Consistent usage of their products would reveal a bouncier, firmer, younger-looking and radiant skin within as short as 7 days! 

Please also note that all COCO2U products contain NO Artificial Preservatives, NO SLS, NO Parabens, NO Petroleum Derived Chemicals and NOT tested on animals.
Now one may wonder, how do these products work as an emollient without the usual petroleum derived chemicals? 
It's from the coconut oil! 

Only 3 simple steps! And you'll achieve glowing skin like D's! 

Comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle that works wonder! 
Notice visibly reduced pore size and improved texture with the help of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Natural Mushroom Extract.

User-friendly pipette dropper is such a huge plus!
This product replenishes and rehydrates the skin for instant radiance and softness. 
This product has a really runny and liquidy texture that is fast absorbing and doesn't leave a sticky residue behind.
The active ingredients in this serum include organic virgin coconut oil, niacinamide (vitamin B- scientifically proven skin-restoring ingredient), vitamin c and tropical oils.


This day moisturiser also works as a sunscreen. With SPF20, it's quite sufficient for people who stay indoor most of the time.
 This product comprises of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and natural botanical active ingredients - Olive Leaf Extract, Grapeseed Extract, and Vitamin E. 
Enjoy results like improved firmness and radiance from this day moisturiser!

Made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Yam Bean, and Hyaluronic Acid (scientifically proven effective anti-aging product which also keeps the skin glowing) to promote regeneration of supple & radiant skin.
Although it may look pretty thick from the pot, it penetrates into the skin easily, leaving a matte texture.

Again, on my left hand I had both serum and moisturiser applied and it looked notably more supple and radiant! 

Watch D's skin care routine video here! 

And below are the photos of D's skin after one month's usage! 
Extremely smooth to the touch and pore size visibly reduced. 
His skin is also visibly more radiant and supple! 

Honestly, we were pretty skeptical when we were invited to review this product. We have heard too many negative reviews regarding skincare procured from E-Market. But, there is no need to worry if you are buying anything from Coco2u! 
Coco2u products are manufactured in Malaysia under GMP compliance using organic virgin coconut oil and bioactive ingredients. It's certified and approved by the ministry of health Malaysia.

All Coco2u products can be purchased at

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