One day in Macau for Christmas 2016

I'd been wanting to visit Macau for the longest time! I was pretty upset with myself that I wasn't able to squeeze in a one-day trip to Macau the last time I was in HK. 

I told myself not to repeat the same old mistake no more, that's why I made my research way ahead of time and determined to make our one-day trip happen! 

And guess what??? 


While it's supposed to be an exciting day for the both of us, alas, I woke up with an eye infection on my right eye and that for sure has affected my mood a little.
Nonetheless, we made the most out of our time in Macau and surprisingly this day turned out to be our favourtie day throughout our entire HK trip! Read on to find out why!

Or you could go to the end of the post and watch our vlog!

Getting turbojet tickets at the ferry terminal has got to be one of the most difficult tasks in the world ever. LOL. 
Not only we gotta be alert all the time so that we don't get deceived into buying overpriced tickets, we also had to be careful with buying the correct class and time etc. 

But we got really lucky today because we were approached by a ticket reseller at the ferry entrance. He insisted that we grab the tickets he had in hand, which was the one departing immediately. 
'Cause we were desperate, we just grabbed the ticket and ran through the security and custom checking. 
(In case you're wondering, we didn't get cheated at all! We even paid lesser than what's written on the ticket! So hoo-rrayyy!)

Minutes later, we were embarking to Macau!!!! 

The entire cruise took about an hour! 
It was pretty shaky so we both experienced a little sea-sickness. 
We just took a short nap to compensate waking up extra early this morning, 
and when we were awake, it was time for the ferry to disembark! 

The first place we were heading to was the Senado Square! 
So we hopped onto Grand Lisboa's shuttle bus as it is the nearest to Senado Square!

The queue waiting for this shuttle bus is pretty long! 
But we were seated some 20 minutes later so the wait was pretty all right in my opinion! 

About 15 minutes or so, we found ourselves in the middle of casino jungle!

I personally think there's no need to take the public bus when you're in Macau 'cause most, but not all of the touristy spots are within walking distance! 
Chilly weather in the winter made walking such a breeze too! 

Just go straight all the way to get to Senado Square!

The Post Office! 

And voila! We arrived at Senado Square! 
I recklessly missed out a photo of Senado square. Lol! 
But somewhere around Senado Square, we stumbled across a really pretty street, where almost everyone stopped and took photos, so did we. 

The infamous St. Dominic's church which is located just next to the Senado Square. 

After about 5 minutes walk from Senado Square, we found this highly raved about baked buns by accident! 
They were just about to begin their business so it took absolutely ages for us to get our food. 
The mini queue before us certainly didn't help either. 

After our simple breakfast, we proceeded to Ruins of St. Paul! 

This place was extremely crowded, not sure if it's because of the holiday season, but I've heard the same comment from almost everyone who'd been there.
Nevertheless, we still managed to snap a few decent looking photos without people swarming at the background.  

After tasting too many biscuits and pork jerky along the way to and out of Ruins of St Paul, we were kinda sick of the crowd, so we decided to head to Rua Da Felicidade! 

As you could see from the pictures, this place wasn't as crowded as the Main Street of Macau and we thoroughly loved the vibe here! 
It's laid back and quiet, with just a few shark fin shops laying around! 
We don't support shark-finning, so we didn't try out any!
FYI, this place was once the most frequented places in Macau as it was a red light district.
I guess that's why this place is still painted red. 

At the end of this little street of red houses, you'll find this shop named Cheong Kee Noodle House
This is yet another highly recommended restaurant, so we thought why not feed our tummy before more adventures! 

After lunch, we went back to Grand Lisboa just so we could take their shuttle bus to the ferry terminal. 
On our way to Grand Lisboa, there was a gorgeous looking church to our right! 

Because it's Christmas, this place adorned various adorable and stunning Christmas decoration! 
We spent a good 20 minutes just marveling at these artworks! 

Well, the reason we wanted to go back to the Ferry terminal was to head to the Fisherman's Wharf! 

There's no shuttle bus available to Fisherman's Wharf, and the only way to go there was by our legs. 
We were already feeling lethargic by then, but D knew how much I wanted to see the place, so he encouraged me and we pushed it through. 

15 minutes later.... 

We arrived!!!

Fisherman's Wharf is also commonly known as Little Rome of Macau. 
So expect to see some of the iconic landmarks of Rome while you are here! 
We totally enjoyed strolling around and taking random photos cause this place is stunning! 
However, the amphitheater was still under construction and that kinda suck. 

Had to constantly apply eye drops to my eyes to soothe my red eye! 

We were feeling peckish at this point, so we just took out our food supplies and nibbled away! 

Spotted a couple doing their wedding photoshoot! 

After an amazing wander in the Little Rome, we walked back to the ferry terminal, go to the opposite shuttle bus waiting area to catch another shuttle bus which goes directly to the Parisian Macau! 

It was a pretty short 15 minutes drive to Taipa!

We were really intrigued by the gorgeous European inspired interior designs. You could definitely hear a constant wooo-waaaaaaa from us for every step we took!  

There you have it! 
The miniature Eiffel Tower! 

Although it wasn't the real deal, it was enough to make us felt all romantic and lovey-dovey! 

When the night falls, the mini Eiffel Tower lit up and it was absolutely stunning! 

After we had enough bearing the cold gazing at this beautiful architecture, we decided to leave Macau for HK island! 

Again, the ticketing system was such a mess, and we were only able to get a ferry ticket 3 hours from the time we purchased our ticket. 
The wait for horrible with my eyes started getting drier and more uncomfortable. 
But thankfully, we managed to get back before it was too late! 

I highly suggest going on a One Day Trip to Macau despite the hassle of getting a ferry ticket. 
I promise it's all going to be well worth it! 

Meanwhile, you could watch our day here in video! 

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