Althea Box Holiday Edition: Gold Sparkling Box Review

Can't believe Christmas is over just like that. 
But thankfully I have the Althea Box Holiday Edition - Gold Sparkling Box to pretend like it's still Christmas every single time I use these golden products on me.

It's definitely not the first time I am introducing Althea Box to fellow beauty addicts. 
If you've read my post here, you would have known that I am the biggest advocate for Althea Boxes

But, just in case you're new here, Althea is the leading Korean beauty site carrying over 150 brands and thousands of Korean beauty products. No matter where you are in the world, you can shop Korean beauty products at the comfort of your own home with just a few clicks on their site!

If you are constantly on the lookout for the latest release from the heaven of beauty products, Korea, look no further than Althea as they release TWO beauty boxes each month, specially curated for the season or occasion!
These Althea boxes never cease to amaze me!
You'll be surprised with a mixture of latest release and Korean's Holy Grails to keep you updated in the beauty realm!
It's not based on a monthly subscription so you're free to scout for your favourite release and purchase at your leisure.
These boxes are usually sold at a fraction of the total price of all the items, so if you snooze, you lose! 

I was beyond fortunate to have been able to secure myself one of the three Holiday Edition Althea Boxes
As it is made for the Seasons of Giving, these holiday edition Althea boxes were made to give back to the beauty community, they were sold at merely a-third of the original price tag

My choice was the Gold Sparkling Box 
(RM 448 -> RM109)

The Gold Sparkling Box comprises of 7 FULL-SIZED items and 1 sample pack. 


Step 1: Water light Spot

Step 2: Gold Foil See-through Illumination Mask

Attach water spot patch to concerned area (i.e apple zone, C zone, smile line)

Improves blood circulation through patented thermal reflection sheet to deliver active ingredients of the ampoules more efficiently. 
The gentle heat produced opens up the pore for maximum nutrient absorption while the hexagonal line of the gold foil prevents water loss. 

Apply the see-through gold foil mask on top of the patches. 
Allow the product to work its wonder on the skin for 15-20 minutes. 

My thoughts on this product: It was incredible! The face mask was completely drenched in ampoule which was adequate for me to apply all over my body. 
My skin was particularly agitated the other day, and the next day I noticed that the redness of my spot has diminished substantially! 
You will also notice that the heat produced eventually dissolves the water spot patches into the skin, making the areas incredibly supple and plump! 
My skin remained well hydrated and radiant to the next morning. 


Contains 24K pure gold and propolis extracts for brightening, healing, and anti-aging properties.

Gold - activates the basal cells of the skin thereby improving elasticity while the ions improve blood circulation
Propolis - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing

It has a rather thick texture which prevents transepidermal water loss, thereby regulating the oil and water balance of the skin. 

My thoughts on the product: There were REAL GOLD FLAKES in the cream, which reflects light ever so slightly on the skin after application. 
It has a rather thick consistency, so I'd say a little goes a really long way, especially for my oily skin. 
It also spreads really easily on the skin. 
A pea-sized amount is enough to cover my whole face! 
The propolis extract has worked wonder on my acne skin. 
Using this product will always soothe my skin overnight to reveal a more even skin tone the next morning. 


Gold Snow Toner

A viscose gel toner formula that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin.

Gold Snow Essence

A nourishing enriched essence for firmer skin.

Gold Snow Emulsion

A nourishing lotion that hydrates and plumps the skin

Gold Snow Cream

A luxurious cream to seal and moisturize to provide all-day moisturization

My thoughts on these products: 
The toner has a gel-like texture so it would work well just patting into the skin or apply with a cotton pad. The perks of such viscose texture are that no product is wasted during application, no problem of dripping and no mess will be created. 
The essence is essentially the serum. It has a lightweight texture that disappears into nothing on the skin and it doesn't leave a tacky feeling on the skin. It spreads easily onto the skin.
Your skin will appear plumper and more hydrated almost immediately. 
I prefer the emulsion over the cream as the final moisturization step. 
The emulsion was lightweight and it absorbs quickly into the skin. 
The cream was too thick for my liking. It even left an oily film behind. 
I personally think this set is more suited for more matured skin than my sensitive acne-prone skin. 
However, I did appreciate the extra moisture my skin was getting in the cold harsh winter days when I was traveling abroad. The usual flakiness my skin experience in winter was nowhere to be seen and my skin was so much calmer and suppler the next day. 


Brightens and revitalizes dull skin

Hydrogel patches for the delicate eye area.

Gold- Anti-ageing ingredients with proven anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties
EGF- Supports cell renewal and wound repair

Place the C-shaped patches under the eye to get rid of dark circles; 
place the round patches on dark spots or angry acne to calm them down overnight. 

My thoughts on the product: 
Comes with a spatula for hygiene purpose. 
The C-shaped patches weren't the most ergonomic design which causes slight difficulties in the product placement on my face.
Didn't see much improvement on the hyperpigmentation front, 
but did appreciate the suppleness the product left on the skin. 

#03- Stealer

Luxurious glittery packaging!

Highly pigmented
Silky and velvety formula
Long lasting power

5 in 1 - Lip Balm, Lip Plumper, Lipstick. Lip tint, lip pigment
Contains rose oil, cacao seed butter, and other nourishing ingredients 

My thoughts on this product: 
It was very highly pigmented, the colour was already visible with one layer of application and. 
The formula was creamy and it did not look streaky at all. 
Colour is day-night appropriate. 
It has a mild tingling sensation after application as it worked to plump up your lips. 
It is also really moisturizing on the lips and did not accentuate chapped lips. 
Though it wasn't the most long lasting lip product ever, I do not mind re-applying it in the mid-day thanks to its stunning packaging! 


Each of the eye palettes contains 6 eyeshadows in a mixture of mattes and shimmery shades. 
The matte shades blend like a dream, perfect as transition shades. 
The matte shades have a buttery texture and when you put your brushes into the colours, there was only minimal cake up and fly away could be detected. 
All the colours were moderately pigmented as per every Korean eyeshadows, which I thought was perfect for beginners. 
Even if you accidentally went heavy-handed, you could still blend the colours away easily. 
I prefer using fingers with the glittery shades for a more vivid colour payoff. 

Below are two simple tutorials on how I created two looks using neutral brown hues from Day Drink and warm burgundy tones from Wine Burgundy


1. Apply the light beige colour, MALIBU all over the lid to create the perfect base. 

The matte brown colour, KAHLUA was the perfect transition shade in my opinion. 
I threw this colour into my crease area and blended out the edges. 

Grab a precise brush, pick up some of the shimmery brown, COGNAC, and apply to the eyes, focusing on the outer third of the eyes, creating a V-shape. 

Use a tapered brush, pick up VODKA ESPRESSO to further enhance the outer corner of the eyes and making sure you do not go above the eyelid. 
Slightly winging the darkest colours outwards to elongate the eyes ever so slightly. 

Use a flat shader brush to draw attention to the center of the eyes, while highlighting the brow bones and inner corner of the eyes with the color CHAMPAGNE

Finally, use your fingertips to apply BACARDI, a glitter texture shadow to the center of the eyes to make pop even more! 


Use a fluffy brush to apply NUDE CHIFFON all over the lid as the base. 

Throw the warm brown tone, CAPPUCINO VELVET into the crease to add depth to the eyes. 

Grab a flat fluffy brush to apply BURGUNDY HEEL on the inner and outer third of the eyes.
Remember to blend out the edges towards the center of the eyes to create a gradient effect. 

Use a definer brush to accentuate the eyelid with WINE SILK
Again, do this on both the outermost and innermost of the eyelid to create a lovely gradient effect towards the center of the eyes. 

Further enhance the ring effect by placing ROSE SATIN, a shimmery pink shade in the center of the eyelids! 

Again, use your finger to apply the glittery shade, GOLD CLUTH to the center of the eyes.
And voila!

As you could tell from the pictures, there were very very minimal fall out during application, and if it did have any fallout, it's just the glitters, which could easily be dusted away with a fan brush.

My overall verdict, this Christmas edition Gold Sparkling Box was a steal!
The skin care products would be ideal for those at-home-nursing-a-hangover-days where your skin needed S.O.S, and also amazing for maintaining your complexion in the run-up to a special occasion.
My absolute favourite in this box had gotta be the lipstick and the eyeshadows!

If you'd like to snag yourself an Althea Box the next time it is released, be sure to stay tuned to their FB Page and their website!

All of these products are also available on Althea separately!

Disclaimer: This blog post was written in collaboration with The Butterfly Poject but all opinions are my own. Many thanks for the generous gift of this limited edition christmas box! <3

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