Melbourne Day 5 - Brighton Beach, Dandenong Ranges, Puffing Billy

WARNING: this post is extremely photo-heavy!!! 

You could also read Day 1Day 2Day 3 and Day 4 before proceeding with this post!

We bought this package (one day tour) from
If you are looking to experience puffing billy, I'd highly recommend engaging with a tour company as they will take care of the transportation, which I will explain in detail later. 

Anyway, our first stop was the iconic Brighton Beach - Bathing Boxes!  

Tucked away from the city on the Dendy Street Beach, these Brighton bathing boxes had been featured probably more than zillion time on Instagram. Simple wooden bathing boxes with Victoria design in simple structures but donned in different colours and paintings make them such a sight to look at! These one hundred years old assets are also on sale for a staggering 300k AUD! 

This place is absolutely picturesque from any angles! 
We had so much fun running around and snapping away! 

But if you're visiting in the winter, bear in mind it can be crazily windy! 

Next stop was the William Ricketts Sanctuary.

This place is probably less heard of, but if you're making a trip down to experience puffing billy, it is absolutely worth your time to check out this place of serenity! 
This ferny park on the Dandenong range boasts a mystical vibe thanks to its thick fog on a rainy day and the unique structures secluded amongst ferns in the natural setting.

There were a total of 92 ceramic sculptures of people and animals which merge with the natural surroundings. But due to bad weather, we moved around swiftly and we weren't able to see all of them. But still, we were really impressed with the ones we managed to find! 

Then, we stopped by Sky High

Some of the sights here were the wishing tree, the vantage point to have a bird's eye view of Melbourne and a ton of picnic spots to grab a quick bite! 

We didn't get to see much that day due to bad weather, the fog was so so so thick we could hardly see beyond a mile. 
But we did stop by the cafe to grab a cup of hot chai latte to keep us warm during our time here and their chai latte was amazing! 

Then we headed to the Grants Picnic Ground for some cozy lunch. 
The food was pretty alright but they weren't the most affordable food. 
We quickly finished our lunch before D completely lost himself amongst the cockatoos! 

To access the birds feeding area, all you need to do is to buy a token from Grants on Sherbrooke and they will give you seed to feed the wild native birds. 
Be warned though, these birds would do anything for food! 

Our last stop before headed back to Melbourne was the heritage train, Puffing Billy! 
Surprisingly, I have forgotten to snap any photos at all! 

This century-old steam train continues to run on its original mountain track from Belgrave to Menzies Creek in the Dandenong Ranges. This is where problem arises if you're driving there. One of the person from your group would have to skip the experience to drive to the next station to pick the rest of the people up, or you would have to take the return train which would take up a couple of hours in total. And for this reason, we thought the best way to experience it was to do it with a tour! 

It was really quite a fun experience! You are free to leave your legs hanging at the side of the steam train as it travels through the scenic Dandenong ranges. We waved at random people in the car which drove past us and they waved back. LOL.

The whole Dandenong ranges experience was unique and enjoyable! We could have done more if the weather permits. 

Stay tuned to my final post of our Melbourne trip next week! 

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