Simplezy Challenge and The Launch of Jonlivia Brightening Active Wear

We were invited to witness the crowning of the Simplezy Challenge where 20 contestants underwent two months of strenuous training to improve their body shape.

 The Slimplezy Challenge was held to celebrate a healthy and balanced lifestyle amongst urban women. All of their contestants strutted the runway with confidence adorning their new body silhouette. At the end of the night, 3 most popular contestants walked away with return tickets sponsored by AirAsia, along with activewear sponsored by JONLIVIA.

That was me casting my vote for my favourite contestant! 

JONLIVIA stole the spotlight that night as they launched their innovative skin-brightening active wear series which is an upgraded version of their best-selling Neoheat Blaze pants.

The BlazePants Brightening Series claimed to accelerate calories burning as it increases perspiration. 
The all-new brightening Brightening blaze pants are made with fabric immersed in distilled rose extracts, thereby increasing about two times UPF protection!
As rose extract is rich in anti-oxidants, the all-new Brightening Blaze Pants are said to be beneficial for those who suffer from dry skin too! 

The BlazePants Brightening Series is now available at and their retail outlet, JONLIVIA Lifestyle Club SS2 for the price of RM208. 

I was able to snag one for myself too!
Can't wait to testify the brightening effect of this new blaze pants and report back! 

The new brand logo and design was launched on the 15th of January. The design is inspired by simplicity, sleekness, and movement. The relaunch also reflects the brand’s cutting-edge style and passion for fitness. It’s about being true to an individual style, being at the top of their game and making it work. 
And that was how the new tagline ‘MAKE LIFE WORK’ was born. 

Visit for more info!

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