ID.AZ Premium Korean Face Mask Review

My skin is constantly struggling to achieve its porcelain state due to my incredibly stressful lifestyle.
Which is why I try to make it a habit to use face masks to target different skin concerns at least twice a week. 
That was how I began my search for the most effective yet budget-friendly face masks from the drugstore! 

These premium Korean face masks available at Watson's from Dec 2017 have definitely caught my attention, they came just in time when stress has drove my skin crazy! 

ID.AZ is the brainchild of ID Pla Cosmetics, a leading aesthetic clinic in South Korea which have witnessed life-changing operation on over 60,000 women over the course of 18 years. 
The initial idea of releasing these face masks was to help those women who have undergone operations to take care of their vulnerable skin. 
Each of the face masks was designed to provide users a luxury experience in the comfort of their own home based on the popular (and luxurious) skincare program provided at their aesthetic clinic. 

Knowing that they only use the ingredients which are totally safe for even the most sensitive skin, I was eager to see what difference they would make to my skin! 


Ingredients: gold, honey, royal jelly, propolis, red ginseng
collagen, ceramide, aloe, panthenol

This face mask is basically the at-home version of the most raved about treatment at ID dermatology! 
It is no surprise why this face mask has been exceptionally well-loved by Koreans since it was launched! Not only does it provide incredible results, it is really cost effective too! 

Some of the key ingredients in the Golden-Fit Mask includes
Gold that purifies and brightens skin, honey, royal jelly and the new trendy skincare ingredient that the whole of South Korean goes berserk about, propolis, which has immense benefit to the skin which altogether works to improve the elasticity of the skin

It is a hydrogel mask
If you haven't already known, hydrogel mask is essentially a "solidified essence" so it packs so much more nutrients than a cotton sheet mask could! 
Fret not even if hydrogel masks appear to be dry. The hydrogel melts when in contact with the skin to release the essence which will then be absorbed into the skin. 
This way, our skin will be in contact with the nutrients longer without evaporating as quickly as cotton sheet masks would. 

It is ideal for those who need a quick skin rejuvenation for a special occassion, 
or as a staple in the skincare regime of those who are struggling with dry and patchy skin. 

Although I personally do not particularly have problems with dry patches or wrinkles, 
I still loved this mask for its incredible soothing, anti-bacterial and wound healing properties

Below is a before and after photos of me after using the ID.AZ Golden Fit Mask
As you could probably tell, in as little as 20 minutes, 
I was surprised to see that my skin was so much calmer, redness greatly reduced,
and overall my skin was so much brighter. 


Ingredients: pearl, hyaluronic acid, green tea, licorice, Witch Hazel,
raspberry, blueberry, trehalose

My perfect go-to when I feel like my skin felt and looked lacklustre and dull. 

This mask is said to give you a lit-from-within glow!

This is a Microfiber sheet mask.
Unlike usual cotton sheet masks, these microfiber masks feel fairly thick but are absolutely soft.
Its thick texture allows it to absorb as much essence as possible.

The essence is also much thicker in consistency in comparison to the usual watery-like essence from other sheet masks.

This face mask works to brighten your skin and provide your skin with a lustre that's akin to the pearl

It is perfect for those who wish to brighten their skin tone
to improve or reduce hyperpigmentation, sunspots, post-inflammatory erythema (PIE) 
or for anyone who wishes to increase the radiance of their skin in an instant! 

I was particularly interested to see how this mask would help me combat the acne hyperpigmentation I was struggling with. 

And below is the before and after photo:

I wouldn't say it has done an amazing job at removing my spots per se,
but it definitely improved my overall skin tone,
leaving my skin looking luminous and brighter. 


Ingredients: deep sea water, sea water collagen, hyaluronic acid
panthenol, betaine, allantoin

A "basic" hydration sheet mask with incredible hydrating power!

It is a potent moisturizing mask for all skin type, but even better for dehydrated skin!

Panthenol penetrates deep into the skin layer to provide moisture;
Hyaluronic Acid boosts elasticity, revealing youthful looking skin.

It is Skin Fit mask type where the mask is thin enough to adhere tightly to the skin

With all the effective hydrating ingredients such as marine Water Collagen, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol, this mask provides instant relief to stressed out skin while soothing inflammation

I loved using it on a flight not only for its incredible moisturising effect, the hyaluronic acid in the mask also provides an additional layer of protection against UVB

Although I do have pretty oily skin, my skin can be really dehydrated underneath. 
Certain moisturising face masks were too occlusive for my skin and broke me out, 
but this did not! 

Below is a before and after picture of my skin after using the Water Fit mask:
My skin texture is improved slightly and my skin appeared more supple and youthful
The subsequent days, my skin also appeared less oily

 For those who are interested, these premium face masks are now available at Watson's! 

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