Parkson Card Blockbuster Movie Night - Star Wars The Last Jedi

Just before Christmas 2017, we were invited to join the members of Parkson Card for a fun-filled blockbuster movie night, and it couldn't have been a better way to catch the 8th installment of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

On the 14th of December, which was also the first day of release of The Last Jedi, Parkson group gathered a generous amount of their members and pampered them with free tickets to catch one of the most heavily-discussed movies in the year at MBO, Starling Mall, PJ

To keep us fueled throughout the night, Parkson kindly prepared free-flow of light refreshment for us to nibble on should we get peckish amidst all the fun activities prepared. 

There were quite a handful of fun activities prepared to keep our anticipation high for the show! 

Parkson Card members were free to get lost in their imaginary world with the help of a VR machine. 

Beaute Library, Malaysia had also kindly prepared a station for fellow beauty lovers! 
Not only each visitors get to bring home a voucher for complimentary facial treatment, 
there was also a hand-treatment station where visitors get to enjoy instant hand-rejuvenation in less than 15 minutes time! 

We also had some fun taking a peep into our future at the Tarot Card Reading station
We've never tried Tarot Card reading and were pretty skeptical at first. 
But later on learned that you can't exactly "see" the future. 
Tarot Cards would only guide you on how to prep yourself in times of adversities. 
Quite a cool experience! 

Of course, to blend in with the Star-Wars-filled ambiance, we couldn't resist getting a couple of airbrush tattoos on our arms!
P.s. I had so much fun being asked if it was real for the subsequent week or so. 

Just about half an hour before the show commenced, Hafiz and Guibo from FLYFM made a special appearance. Those who weren't shy to demonstrate their affection for Star-Wars had won themselves exclusive merchandise! 

No happy memories are forever unless it's kept in a photo. We sealed our happy memories in these instant pictures of ours before heading into the theatre. 

Each of the tickets came with a Star-Wars edition combo meal! 

This was just one of the members' privileges that I'd manage to experience myself. 
They have members exclusive activities planned throughout the year. 
And the best thing about Parkson Card membership? 
There's no membership fee
If you're already a frequent visitor at Parkson, 
sign up and be rewarded every time you spend! 

You could now sign up for Parkson card membership through online registration, here

For more info about Parkson card head over to their FB page!

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