Althea's Rapunzel Secret Box

The hair is definitely a woman's asset. 
I personally have particularly enjoyed compliments from other women and even men about my long and luscious hair.

But to be completely honest, my hair had been looking really lacklustre these days. 
The consistent heat styling and repeated hair dying have definitely taken a toll on my hair. 

I was eager to bring life to my hair again! 
When I was frantically searching for some new products to try out, 
I stumbled upon the Althea Rapunzel's Secret Box at up to 70% off, 
and I ordered one without any hesitation. 

If you're like me, looking to try out a bunch of products in hopes to find your new holy grail products, I'd say Althea Boxes are the way to go! 
Not only you'll get to try out the latest release in the K-beauty realm, sometimes they'll throw in some well-known products for you to try out too! 
And the best part? It is thoroughly commitment free! 
If you end up liking any of the products in the box, you could purchase them individually from Althea's Website

The Rapunzel's Secret Box was such a steal! 
It comes with 9 products and 1 sample packs! 

The items are as below: 
Mise-en-scene Perfect Repair Mask Pack
Piolang CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tinture
Real Skin The Healthy Protein Hair Ampoule ( Black Bean)
Dr. Dr. B5 Shampoo Anti-hair loss
April Skin Turn Up Colour Treatment (Peach Pink)
Suaviss Exclusive Travel Kit
Aritaum Colorize Hair Bleach
Petitfee Koelf Deep Scalp Purifying Swab
 Piolang CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule
 Suaviss Argan Trial Sample Kit 

1. Petitfee 
Koelf Deep Scalp Purifying Swab (6ml)

Koelf Deep Scalp Purifying Swab (6ml)

It's a hygienic disposable scalp cleansing swab!
Perfect for on the go! 

I took this product out and about with me and it was absolutely fuss-free! 
Not only was the packaging light and tiny, it was also really easy to use! 
Once you peel open the pack, you will see a gigantic cotton swab, the size is so much bigger than a normal cotton bud, which means it's able to cover more area at one time! 
It doesn't have any distinctive scent. 
All you have to do is just part your hairs and rub the cotton swab on your scalp. 
It exfoliates, cleans and refreshes at the same time! 
I absolutely enjoyed the cooling sensation from the menthol and the anti-bacterial properties from the tea-tree oil! 
I didn't particularly notice anything with the ridding any odour, but it did leave my scalp smelling somewhat herbal after using it and I am not complaining! 

2. April Skin
Turn-Up Colour Treatment (60ml)

Koreans are crazy about bright coloured hairs! 
And I am downright jealous! 
I love the idea of switching up my hair colours, but I despise the way colour fades into a horrible mess after a few weeks.

If you're facing the same dilemma like I did! This might be your new favourite hair product! 
This product is a two-weeks hair tint! 
Basically, anyone can change up their hair colour anytime without the commitment! 
The best part? It doesn't damage the hair! In fact, it nourishes while it colours! 

It was really easy to use! 
Just apply this product to your hair, (dry for stronger tint, or after hair wash), wait for about 30 minutes (longer for stronger tint), rinse and voila! A brand new hair! 

The package came with hand gloves and a cape to prevent colour transfer which I thought was a brilliant idea! 
As much as I love the convenience of it, 
this product, however, failed to reveal its true self on me. 
I wasn't able to spot any pink tints on my hair despite applying on dry hair. 
I was absolutely gutted. But then again, even professional hair stylists find it challenging to dye my hair, so I guess that explains. 
Although it didn't provide me with a refreshing change, it did, however, make my skin really soft! 
It nourished my hair and made it looked shiny! 

 3. Suaviss 
Argan Trial Sample Kit 
This sample pack came with a shampoo and a conditioner. 
I brought this with me on my holiday and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my holiday! 

To my surprise, what may seem like teeny weeny sample sachet was sufficient to cover my entire hair (waist length)! 
The shampoo lathers up really nicely without stripping the moisture in my hair. 
The argan oil enriched conditioner was the perfect match to the shampoo.
It nourished and locked in moisture! 
The products did not leave a strong scent on my hair, but it definitely took the grim and grease accumulated on my scalp. 

4. Suaviss
Exclusive Travel Kit (40ml x 3)
This set consists of a shampoo, a conditioner and a foaming cleanser (for the face!). 

This travel set is probably my favourite of them all! 
The Suaviss Angelica Shampoo was made with natural herbal extracts and enriched with argan oil, 
although it didn't lather up as much as I am normally used to, 
I secretly felt thankful for its gentle formula, so that it doesn't strip away any more moisture from my frizzy hair! 
The natural herbal extracts also left a comfortable herbal scent and a refreshing cooling sensation on my scalp! 

Follow up with the Suaviss Argan Brilliant Hair Conditioner definitely elevated the entire hair washing experience, which I usually loathed at. 
Immediately after applying the hair conditioner, it took away all the knots and dry ends my hair was having. 
It made rinsing out so so much easier as my fingers were able to just glide through. 
Not to mention, the scent was divine too! 

My hair after using the products, 
my hair is wavy itself, so it doesn't look like it has smoothened out my hair much, 
but it definitely felt really smooth to the touch! 
There was fewer flyaways and split ends too! 
I highly recommend this combo! 

The foaming facial cleanser forms a rich lather after mixing with water. 
The lather was really foamy and squishy, minimising harsh contact with the skin. 
I really enjoyed using it as a second cleanse after removing my sunscreen or base makeup to thoroughly cleanse the pore. 
Despite its deep cleansing properties, it didn't leave my skin feeling tight and dried up. 

5. Piolang
CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule (20ml)

This product works like a leave-in conditioner. You could use it each time after you wash your hair, 
before heat styling or after blow drying. 

This lightweight and thin tube packed a punch! 
The size was ideal to be thrown into bags for instant moisturisation anytime, anywhere, 
and it's perfect to be packed for a holiday! 

It contains hydrolysed silk for hair nourishment, quinoa seed extract that acts as a heat protectant, an amino acid complex that mimics hair's natural state, 6 vegetable oils to tame frizzy hair and it contains only the safest ingredients! 

I love using it as a heat protectant before any curling my hair! 
Not only did it protect my hair from high heat damage, it also makes my curls looked shiny and so much healthier. 
This product provided an instant revival to my hair! 

6. Real Skin
The Healthy Protein Hair Ampoule (Black Bean)

It is a washable hair ampoule, or I'd like to think of a hair mask. 
This hair ampoule is to be applied after shampooing and left on for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing them away. 

Longer hair should use 1 syringe whereas half of the syringe should suffice for shoulder length hair. 

This was my hair in its natural frizzy state. 

As my hair is pretty long, I had to use the entire syringe! 

I have always adored Real Skin's product packaging which is simple and straight to the point, and this was no exception! 
The syringe design also makes it so much easier for precise applications and it's absolutely mess-free! 

I squeezed the ampoule out of the syringe and applied it directly onto my hair to avoid any wastage! 
Left it on for 10 minutes and it turned my hair SILKY SMOOTH and I was so surprised! 

As you could tell from the pictures above, my split ends and frizzy hair was nowhere to be seen! 
My tangle teaser glided on like a dream and it was extremely smooth to the touch! 
It also has a comfortable fragrance that lingered. 
This ampoule ticked all the boxes I was looking for in a hair product! 

7. Piolang
CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture (100ml)

I like to think of this product as the K version of dry shampoo, but better. 
This product is perfect to refresh your scalp on a hot sweaty afternoon! 
I like to keep this in the car to refresh my hair whenever I need. 

Spray three to five times over the entire scalp and massage the product with fingertips until fully absorbed.
It could be used frequently on dry and itchy scalp areas,
and also great at removing odour. 
Its green tea complex moisturises and calms the scalp while sea salt provides minerals and slight hold to the hair! 

I really enjoyed the cooling sensation it gives my scalp! 
It instantly freshens up my hair and the cooling sensation kept me awake when I am feeling sluggish too! 
It has a lovely fragrance that reminds me of a perfume and the fragrance lasts all day! 
Make sure to spray onto different parts of the scalp to prevent dripping. 

8. Dr. Dr.
B5 Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss (50ml)

I stupidly left this product at the hotel while I was traveling before I could take pictures of it. 

This product is ideal for any type of hair loss problem.
It lathers up amazingly for a deep cleanse and it contains menthol that stimulates the scalp and dexpanthenol as well as Danosu that helps strengthen each strand of hair and volumize the roots. 

Unlike normal shampoo, you are advised to leave this shampoo on for 3 minutes before rinsing it off. 

This product did an excellent job in cleaning my scalp and hair without a doubt, but honestly, with only a couple of usage, I hadn't observed too much about its anti-hair loss effect, though I did notice a reduction in hair breakage after each hair wash. 
I liked how it tingles the scalp and stimulate circulation on the scalp. 
However, it requires a few more usages to testify its anti-hair loss effect. 

9. Mise-en-scene
Perfect Repair Hair Mask (15ml)

It is a steam up hair mask pack that deeply nourishes damaged hair. 

This at-home treatment is aimed to provides you a salon-level hair treatment. 

How to: 
1. Lightly dry wet hair after shampooing and apply the hair mask evenly onto hair. 
2. Wear the hot oil coated steam hair mask cap and massage until evenly distributed.
3. Use the built-in adhesive to adjust head size
4. Gently massage remaining products into hair and leave on for 5-15 minute before rinsing thoroughly. 

This hair cap idea is brilliant! 
Heating the hair slightly actually helps the keratin of the hair to open up, allowing maximum product absorption, but extreme heating damages the hair. 
The heat it produced was subtle enough to make a difference but was gentle enough to not damage the hair. 



15 minutes at home treatment provided hair treatments akin to what I normally get in the hair salon! 
Hair turned out completely knot-free, it was smooth and shiny and the effects lasted for a week or so! 

10. Aritaum
Colorise Hair Bleach (10g + 30ml)

How to: 
Mix one part of the powder to 3 parts of the lotion and stir them up to ensure proper mixing.
Apply onto hair avoiding scalp.
Leave it on for 10-20 minutes before rinsing it off! 

To be honest, I am not a fan of bleached hair, so I didn't manage to give this product a fair shot. 

But for those who love DIYs, this is something fun to play with! 

I am so glad that I tried out this box as I have now found my new holy grail hair product! 
If you are interested to purchase any of the items mentioned above, head over to Althea's Website!

Like and stay up to date with Althea on Althea's FB and Althea's Instagram so that you won't miss out on their subsequent beauty boxes! 

Disclaimer: This blog post is written in collaboration with The Butterfly Project but all opinions are my own! 

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