Ashley's by Living Food, Bangsar

In this booming world of modernisation, many people have started going backwards in lifestyle, especially on the eating front. This phenomenon has greatly led to the rapid proliferation of healthy eateries all around KL. Ashley's, although being relatively new in Bangsar, has actually come a long way from its sister brand Living Food Bistro. Being a veteran in this field, Ashley's is passionate about bringing healthy food to the consumers, without compromising on taste. They prepare all the dishes from scratch, including baking their own bread, fermenting their own cheese and making their own sauces, all free from preservatives and MSG, staying true to their spirit of  'Real Food, Done Right'. 

Following the success of their first baby, Living Food Bistro in Menara Tan & Tan, the mastermind behind this brand has decided to expand their business, with the aim of bringing real food closer to us.They are also expecting two more outposts possibly at KLCC and Mont Kiara in the upcoming months.

Besides providing sterling great food, 
they are also actively involved in charity.
They sell mini buddha figurines, 
and they encourage books exchange. 

I can't keep the Ooohhhs and Ahhhhhsss out from my mouth the moment I stepped into this restaurant. The decoration was extraordinary.
Using mainly wood furniture, the interior designing resemble those of the Nordic. 
And they have got the rawest bar I have ever seen, if that makes sense, 
as they used wood and tree trunks as decoration, 
for one second I almost forgot I was actually sitting in the busiest street in Bangsar. 

I love the blue on the walls. 
It calms the mind, and it somehow reminds me of the blue sea. 
Maybe it's just me being weird. :/

Like I mentioned above, this place grow and produce all the ingredients of their food. 
Besides putting them on a plate for the patrons, 
they also sell these items to the customers, 
providing a healthier options of groceries, 
perfect for those who are really health-conscious.

Don't this mini open kitchen reminds you of fairy tale? 
The pumpkins align themselves, black pots and wood table top, 
I thought I was teleported back to the ancient times. 

Easygoing yet elegant table set up. 

D is soaking wet from all the walking and heat wave.

Quinoa Sushi
Quinoa is an overall nutrient richness food. Similar to rice, it has the spongy taste in your mouth when you take a bite of this sushi. Quinoa used in this dish is a tri-color type, making it more presentable on the plate. Inside of it, there are mango and avocado, making it goes well even without the sauce provided on the plate.

Lamb Burger (RM38)
Juicy house-made pattie from Australian grass-fed lamb leg,
melted cheese with balsamic and crunchy almonds
and fermented red-yeast buns.
This is a highly recommended dish if meat is your daily necessity on the plate. 
The pattie made is not greasy at all unlike those typical burgers you have in TGI Fridays or Chili's.
Portion wise, the burger is huge enough to fill an average person's tummy.
This dish is a must try!

Living Enchilada (RM30)
Fresh Vege, Sprouts, Guacamole topped with sour nut cream and red passion sauce, wrapped in a hearty and delicious corn-flax tortilla!
This is more like a vegan food so to say. Everything on this plate including the sauce is made from ground zero and authentic vegetable. It gives off a sour taste and creamy kind of texture. It is absolutely dairy free and make me wonder, how did they actually manage to make the sour nut cream just from nuts. Side note, Ashley also has a vegan menu for vegetarians.

All in all, this place is great for chill out session with health conscious friends, and a place where your imagination for food runs wild.

Ashley's By Living Food
11, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Mon-Fri, 11am-11pm; Sat-Sun, 8am-11:45pm. Tel: 03-2202-2778

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