OJO coffee, Bangsar

Are you constantly waiting for the arrival of winter to get your favourite Red Velvet Latte at the major and biggest coffee chains? Are you bored of the usual blend of coffee you're drinking at your usual coffee place? Are you in the mood for some special tea but can't think of the nearest place to grab one? 

The opening of OJO coffee in Feb 2015 has got all the questions above answered! 
Whether you're in the mood for caffeine, or when the night is falling and you're craving for some quirky beverages without espresso, OJO got all these problem fixed. 

From the list of menu showcased on the wall, we could see that they are pretty adventurous with their beverages. They have all the out of the world mixture like bubble gum and peanut butter. 
They have given a twist on the conventional coffee, and I personally think this place is especially great for the young and fun ones, who has higher hinge of tolerance for quirkiness. 
Their coffees are on the sweeter side, mainly due to the addition of syrup to create various flavouring. But feel free to customise your own drink to the barista! 
They are helpful and fun!

The theme colours for this coffee place are mainly white and brown. 
But brown in a darker tone. 
So it gives off a rather lazy and easygoing vibe. 

How cool is this!!! 
OJO coffee understands that most people bring their laptop to work at a place that serves great coffee,
so they prepared all these mini workstation for their patrons and everyone has a lamp on their table, 
perfect for doing assignments, or getting some work done on a lazy weekend. 

The sun was setting when we visited this place, so I decided to try their tea instead of coffee. 
After all, I am more of a tea person rather than coffee. 
They have pretty unique blend of tea leaves. 
The ones that caught my attention were blueberry rooibos and tangerine ginger. 

They put the tea leaves into a teabag and immersed in water with sub-boiling temperature. 
In a couple of minutes time, the water started to diffuse all around the mug, 
and the fragrance of the tea was also becoming stronger. 

I love how they were really generous with the tea leaves. I got to taste the purest and thickest tea, and these two were something that I have never tried before. We were also allowed to refill with hot water once we finished. On a side note, they also provide free flow of drinking water for their patrons! 
How thoughtful!

OJO coffee is determined to be your cup of Joe! 

Overall, I love chilling and hanging out in this place. 
We could just hang out leisurely and do our thing without having the staffs coming over to interrupt us. Staffs were really helpful too. This place was also really clean, which is perfect for staying here for a fairly longer time for work or discussion etc.

Be sure to come and try out some different coffee flavours that is sure to blow your mind! 

OJO Coffee
No.23, Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru

Opening Hours
Daily 9am-1am

Disclaimer: This blogpost is in collaboration with KetchUp Social Program

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