Roost KL, Bangsar

Strategically located at Jalan Telawi 3, across the street of both BV and BV2, Roost KL is determined to catch the flowing crowd of this popular hangout area for the hipsters. This place was previously occupied by another fairly popular restaurant, F by Buffalo Kitchens. With a new facelift, and a change of name, this place has repackaged itself to stand out in this highly competitive industry. The trinity behind the previous label are still working hand in hand to bring delicious food, with a elegant yet cosy ambiance, for all the hardcore foodies! 

This place gathers three masterminds namely Hsiao Tong Wei (Strategist Supreme from Taiwan), Albert~ (The great chef from Denmark), and a Malaysian partner and/or a close family-like-friend Priscilla.

This is the staircase leading you up to one of Bangsar's loveliest, friendliest & cosiest eateries for a leisurely dinner. All the good things without breaking your bank. ;)

Roost KL works closely on its philosophy "From Farm to Fork", aims to advocate for minimalist, rustic, Nordic and sustainable food. They condone utilizing local sustainable ingredients and turn them into modern European cuisine.

Pan Seared Red Snapper
Beurre Blanc, Cabbage and Herbs
The sauce has this flavorful buttery taste also with a hint of vinegar and wine combine. 
The fist used was an entire fillet and boneless, very suitable for this dish.
The stereotype for this dish is strong. I always thought westerners never have the knowledge of using other fishes other than salmon, cod fish and tilapia. It was quite eye opening for me to see this red snapper being served in this plate.

Duck Liver Pate (RM16)
I'd like to think this as a more affordable option for Foie Gras. 
The duck liver comes in a half cylinder shape, 
served with nicely toasted baguette and tomato chilli jam. 
I personally found this tomato chilli jam surprisingly good. 
It's a mixture of spiciness, you could taste the raw chilli taste, 
and a hint of sweetness. 
Scratch some of the duck liver, spread it on the bread, and top with some chilli jam, 
you get the perfect blend of tasty and exciting eating experience. 

Artful coffee
This just came to show how they never let any chance slip,
they made sure everything served on the table is a piece of art. 
Needless to say, the coffee tasted as good as it looked. 

Apple Wood Smoked Duck Breast (RM18)
Served with Browned Butter Onion Puree and Pomegranates
Fellow meat lovers rejoice! Smoking a piece of meat takes time and patient. The outcome is very much rewarding itself like this dish here. You can actually feel the smoky flavor on your tongue while munching piece by piece of duck breast.

Mangrove Crab Ravioli
This Ravioli is indigenous. My bet was Albert himself came up with this magnificent dish. This Ravioli is filled with minced prawns while the soup is a creamy crab bisque. Might I say, this dish is delicious for me.

 Fresh Jersey Milk Panna Cotta (RM28)
They use milks from Jersey New Zealand cows to make this dessert.
It pretty similar to a dessert famous in Hong Kong, Steamed Egg with Milk dessert.
The taste for this is purely milk and whip cream. As shown, there are passion fruit on the toppings and chocolate powder sprinkle all around this marvelous piece of art.
This dish was the fastest to disappear in front of our eyes. 
Everyone loved this bouncy little pyramid like desserts. 

I adore open kitchen concept, 
as it exudes a leisure and yet classy vibes, 
it makes me feel as if I were dining in some European countries. 

I love the simple Nordic furniture, 
simple and clean layout. 

They know how everyone is obsessed with their phones and can't survive empty battery, 
that's why there is this little corner to feed your phone, 
while you are busy feeding your stomach. 

Lounge area for those who are here to chill and catch up with their mates. 

Outdoor area, aka smoking area. 
With tons of greens, 
just to make sure you get some fresh air too! :P
On a serious note, they plant their own herbs! 
How cute is that! 

Chef Albert!!!!!
We were lucky to catch Chef Albert in action! 

And we have our lovely hostess, Priscilla.

Special thanks to KetchUp team for giving us an opportunity to listen to the story behind Roost KL, and be inspired by their passion to cook only the best and freshest ingredients. The hostess was absolutely lovely and friendly. All the staffs were really welcoming too!

I couldn't recommend this place more! Do drop by for some of the best modern European food in town. Please note that they are revamping their menu starting April 2016 to bring out more unique cuisine and special flavours to all the foodies out there.

Roost KL
First Floor, 69-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Open for dinner only this week (closed on Friday for private function). From next week onwards, open 11:30am - 11:30pm daily, except Mondays.
Tel: 03-2201-1710

Disclaimer: This blogpost is in collaboration with KetchUp Social Program.

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