La Bodega @ Empire Subang, Christmas Eve Dining

Ho Ho Ho!
Merry X'mas (belated)!

Dashed our way to Empire Subang for a dine out for this Christmas' Eve. The initial plan was to dine at the Morganfield's, but due to Morganfield's unethical practice to slaughter customer's wallet during this festive season (long story short, they forced each of us to order a 3 course set that priced from RM89++). After a few arguments with them, we decided to change our choice of dinner to La Bodega Tapas V Y Vinos. D's parents order their Christmas Special 3-Course Menu along with some others mains and appetizer.

Ordered some interesting beverages but I have totally forgotten to snap. 
So I am going to skip right into the FOOD! 

The Wild Mushroom Soup
with Black Truffle Poached Eggs 
This soup tasted really really good. I would say this is the best soup of all soups ordered. The truffles were finely cut but they were still there, so it definitely enhanced the eating experience as the strong mushroom taste tantalizes our platelets. This is a recommended dish.

Seafood soup with salmon and saffron aioli
This was definitely not something we were used to eating.
I never fancy the idea of using seafood, fish especially, for soup,
mainly because the fishy smell isn't the most pleasant taste/smell.
But this was okay!
It definitely had the fishy taste, but eating with the breadcrumbs helped a lot.

Cæsar Salad is D's youngest sister all time favorite.
It comes with crisp romaine lettuce tossed in classic Cæsar dressing
with an egg, toasted croutons and bacon bits.
I thought one could never go wrong with caesar salad. 

Seafood Soup with Spanish Red Prawn.
This is served as an appetizer from their Christmas Menu.
Yet another seafood soup.
It's unique how this restaurant loves seafood soup!
This again was kinda weird,
but I thought it was not all that bad,
it has more of a prawn's sweetness in it.
I personally love prawn/crab taste, so this was all right! 

Bacalao Salad Spanish. It has Cod Fish with Mixed Greens and Tomatoes in a Lemon Dressing Served with Black Olive Toast.
This salad was really appetising, owing to the strong acidic lemon dressing. I was really happy with the generous portion. But, shame that the cod fish came in only a few think flakes tossed amongst the salad.

Duck Confit served with Vegetables & Berries Coulis.
I recommended this dish to D.
This dish was lovely!
It was mind blowing that they are using sweer berry sauce for duck!
And the grilled vege,
I am a huge fan of grilled vege.
So this dish was perfect and right up my street.

served with creamy seafood Spanish rice.
The portion was rather depressing.
But I believe, risotto is really filling,
and it was also very nicely cooked,
so I think it compensated for the portion. 

Turkey with Truffled Baby Potatoes and Mixed Mushrooms with Port Wine Sauce.
Turkey is a must have dish in Christmas menu,
so it was fun to order something that went with the festive season.
I loved how they cooked the turkey,
the sauce was on point!
Salty but with a tinge of sweetness.

Torrija with Mousse of Turron
Which in my words would be pancake with ice cream and berry sauce and mousse.
That pretty much explained what the dish was about.
Love the combination.
I pretty much devoured the whole pancake because my love for pancake is undying.
And I think though simple, this dish was really delicious and the combination was perfect.

It was my first time dining out with D's whole family, 
so it was a great experience. 
And the food was really enjoyable too. 
One thing though, they really need more large tables to accommodate the crowd. 
We were given two tiny tables which we had to squeeze 7 of us in, 
and we barely had space to even stretch our hands. 
And note to self, reserve tables for dinner on christmas eve or whatever eve. LOL. 

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