Wakon Japanese Restaurant at Damansara Utama, Uptown

A chef from Hong Kong, with a burning passion for Japanese cuisine, and there was it, the birth of this wonderful Japanese Restaurant at Damansara Uptown. Wakon Japanese Restaurant has been operating for more than two years now, and this place is proven very much loved by the people around PJ as it is always full house on the weekends.

The man behind this restaurant, adores the laid back Izakaya concept of the Japanese. Izakaya simply means gastropub, where food plays an equal role with drinking, unlike bars and snack bars. Izakaya is really popular amongst the Japanese in the evening during the weekends as well as weekdays, because it is relatively cheap and relaxed. 

Wakon Japanese is always working towards keeping the balance between being innovative and traditional at the same time. And this is well depicted on the interior design of this restaurant, as it adopts the modern simplicity, and yet not losing the Japanese Izakaya concept.

 Another solid evidence that this place is definitely a popular rendezvous! 

This restaurant also has a private dining room at the end for hosting private events.

 This room can nicely fit 16 people! 

This place has so much to offer from appetiser - Japanese salad and gyoza to main course like rice, ramen, udon, Grilled Lamb etc along with bite sized eatery like BBQ sticks! 

Crab Roe Salad – RM13.90
This is a simple dish with thinly sliced zucchini, 
topped with with salad dressing, crab sticks and fish roe all mixed up
and voila! 
Tasty yet refreshing! 
I love a good salad as appetiser! 

Honey Pomelo Tea (RM7.90)
It was perfect for the hot weather! 
Sweet but not too sickening, 
need I mention that they were really generous with the portion?
So yes!! 

Wasabi Gyoza – RM14.90
I love Gyoza! 
And I especially love Gyoza with a twist! 
The sauce on top of it consists of Wasabi and some cheese I believe, 
and they were burnt and melted to perfection, 
with each bite, you get a succulent fillings of the gyoza, 
and the wasabi sauce that dissolves on the tongue added a touch of excitement to this dish. 
Even D who doesn't take wasabi loves this dish! 

BBQ Pork Belly – RM6.90 per stick
Honestly it was my first time eating BBQ in a Japanese place so I didn't know what to expect. 
When the dish was presented, I marvelled at the beautiful artwork as
every single piece of the meat was roasted to golden perfection.
Taste wise, the meat was nicely marinated,
it tasted mainly salty.

 Since we had quite a bit of BBQ food, the dishes were served at a fairly slower pace than I would have expected. But I guess that's the fun of being at an Izakaya place, 
it gives you time to talk and interact with the people you hang out with. 

BBQ Squid – RM18.90
It is amazing how they season a supposedly tasteless squid to a squid that tastes like paradise! 

BBQ Pork Neck Meat – RM7.90 per stick
I love this one!!! 
This is entirely different from the BB! pork belly in both texture and taste! 
This is juicy and sweetttt! 
It is one of my fav dishes of the day! 

BBQ Brinjal – RM9.90
Who would have thought we could actually grill vege? 
I absolutely love how they grill these brinjals! 
The fire didn't remove the water content of the brinjal, 
and it didn't only retain the original taste but also enhanced with all the seasoning and onions!

Black Truffle Mixed Handmade Udon – RM46.90
This one was seriously mind blowing! 
Didn't now black truffle would go this well with udon and fish roe! 
The strong mushroom taste has given a life to the bland udon. 
Love this! 

Mentaiko Chicken Wings – RM12.90 (1 set 2 pcs)
This dish is another innovative one!
The chicken wings were stuffed with mentaiko, 
which has added a unique taste to the tender chicken wing meat. 

Tomato Udon – RM8.50
Another favourite of mine! 
I love tomato soup! 
And it reminds me of our chinese tomato soup, 
and I believe this is the chef's creation in reminiscence of his hometown HK! 
Love the sweet and slightly soury taste of the soup! 
Udon was super springy! 

Tonkatsu Udon – RM8.50
This tastes slightly bland after tasting the tomato broth! 
But it was nice nonetheless. 
I really love their handmade udon! 

 And this is the man behing Wakon! 

I am pleased to announce their all time promotion: 

1. Purchase RM50 above, get any non-alcohol drink for free.
2. Purchase RM100 and above, get a bottle of 300ml Sake for free.

For an authentic Japanese Izakaya experience, drop by Wakon Japanese Restaurant to have a drink or two while you enjoy some of their light bites. Don’t forget to follow their Facebook page for more updates too.

Wakon Japanese Restaurant
Address: No 75, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, 47400 Selangor.
Contact no:  03-7733 5996
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 12.00pm – 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 11.30pm (10.45pm Last Call)  

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