Dolly Dim Sum, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur

My love for dim sum needs no explanation.
Some time ago, I have a student who came for some lab training told me that she chanced upon a really nice restaurant in Avenue K that serves fusion food, 
it has bright windows all over. 
Since then I had been on the hunt for this place, 
and when I saw someone posted a photo of this beautiful setting on Instagram, 
I know I had to visit this restaurant once. 

On Christmas morning where D and I went down to KL for some CNY shopping, 
D kindly suggested that I could pick any restaurant to dine at, 
and that would be our simple Christmas celebration. 

When I stepped in, I smiled instantly while marveling at the beautiful decoration! 
I love how spacious this place is, 
and how it allows sunlight to shine in from every single corner. 
One bad thing though is that it can be a little hot. 
But who cares if this place is picturesque! 

We even purposely picked a seat that I could snap tons of beautiful pictures! 

This restaurant is a combination of two restaurants, namely Fresca Mexican Dining 
and Dolly Dim Sum. 
So customers were free to order from either one menu, 
and if you're keen on one particular menu,
you will be seated at their respective area.

If you see at the left side of the photo, 
there's a corridor like walkway, 
and they are two different types of renovation. 
Fresca uses a lot of black colour whereas Dolly Dim Sum adopted a lot of the Chinese element, 
for instance the portrait of a graphic Chinese lady over there. 

 My charming man D flashing his magnetic smile at me. 

 Our fav photoooooooo of all time!! 
I love how the sunlight has made taking photos so much easier! 
Just a simple click button on the camera, 
we got this studio like effect. :P
Love it!

After that D went a bit out of control with the camera,
he snapped away my every facial expression. HAHAHHAHA! 

If you love dim sum, but you couldn't eat pork? And you're always fretting about chicken could never replace pork in dim sum? And you do not want to compromise environment for good food? Dolly Dim Sum is definitely the answer for all the doubts above!

Fried radish cake. 
This was the bomb! 
It was so tasty that we decided to get ourselves another one after we finished them. 
It was fragrant and slightly fried to golden perfection on the outside,
while not losing the moisture and the sweetness of the radish cake. 
It didn't soak up tons of grease like other places did. 
Well done! 

Runny egg yolk bun! 
I love how runny the filling is! 
And yet not losing the essence of the salty egg yolk, 
you could feel scarce pieces of fine egg yolk, 
and that's the way I love it. 
When I took a bite with nonchalance because well, I underestimated them, 
and they just exploded all over my mouth and plate. 
Though messy it was absolutely joyous! 
They were really generous with the fillings! 

I love me some chiong fan with char siew! 
And they did it really nicely!
The chiong fan was thin, 
and each one of them contained generous amount of char siew in it, 
sauce was sweet yet salty, 
and the spicy sauce that came with it, 
complemented the chiong fan really well! 

Steamed radish cake! 
And this was the healthy version of the first one. 
As it is a healthy version, 
we had to compromise with the golden slightly crunchy outer layer, 
and enjoyed the special sauce that came with it. 
We still love it though. 

Char siew pastry! 
Which we really liked too! 
The outer crust was crispy and fragrant! 
I love how their skin resembles western cookies, 
but not quite there, 
but it's a combination of soft but crunchy! 
And the filling was perfect char siew too! 
Not too sweet and not too salty! 
We both think that their char siew is comparable to those made of pork! 
Because for once we were debating if those were pork or chicken! Hahaha! 

Their dim sum is slightly overpriced compared to normal dim sum you get at chinese restaurant, 
but I guess that's the price you have to pay for proper nice environment, quite literally. 
Still, I recommend this place for great food, 
for chilling and for loads of photo snapping! Hahaha! 

Dolly Dim Sum at Avenue K
Address: G-9 & G-9A Ground Floor, Avenue K, 156, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-2181 3830

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