Jonker 88 and Indah Sayang Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant, Melaka

It was New Year which means it was also an international holiday! 
Towards the end of last year, we had around two to three long weekends, 
and it had made me dreading to return to work. 
So before we started dealing with enormous workload and stress, 
we decided to take a breather, 
and travelled down to Malacca for loads of feasting and sightseeing. 

Malacca is my favourite one day trip destination. 
If anyone asks me for a short trip suggestion, 
my answer will always always always be Malacca. 
You don't really need a car to hop from one touristy spot to the other, 
 and at the same time you are guaranteed with loads of street snacks, 
and picturesque places for that insta-worthy photo!

We departed before the sun rise, 
so we managed to catch a glimpse of sunrise while we were cruising on the highway, 
and it was way more comfortable to drive in the dawn because the traffic had yet to build up. 

It took us about an hour and a half to arrive at the Jonker Walk, 
and perks of arriving super early? 
We parked right at the most desired space aka the busiest street, 
before it got busy.

Our first stop was: 

We were so early that the shop hadn't started operating yet. 
We joined in the crowd and started queueing. 
It is no surprise that the queue had started so early in the morning, 
because this place has been featured countless times on
magazines, newspaper and even TV! 
I personally think they serve one of the best chendol in Malacca!

Once the door was opened, 
everyone rushed into the store to secure their seats,
while D and I snapped the front entrance before entering. 

And yes, just because one quick snap we almost had no seat! 

We ordered the Jumbo Baba Laksa, 
which cost a bomb (RM 10++). 
When I am at Malacca, I normally opt for curry laksa, 
the one with coconut milk, and not the one akin to asam laksa, 
with kembung fish and dark clear soup. 
I absolutely love their laksa! 
I love the soup for its creaminess but it's not full of fats kind of creaminess.

D is a huge fan of Gula Melaka! 
D made use of this opportunity to devour all the gula melaka desserts. 
This was one his favourite because he loves both coconut milk and gula melaka. 
It was sooooo gooodddd!! 
Coconut milk was fresh and thick, 
gula melaka was utterly fragrant and sweet, 
but nothing sickening! 

And of course we gotta order their original Baba chendol, 
the one I claim to be the best in town! 
I love it!!! 
I honestly think gula melaka is the best sugar for chendol, 
especially these which are thickkkkk and sticky, 
roasted to perfection, 
you could taste very mild fiery burnt taste, 
which has most definitely enhanced the flavour! 

Note: The chendol and laksa are two different stalls so desserts and food have to be ordered separately.

Jonker 88
Address: 88, alan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone:+60 19-397 5665

After our satisfying meal, we decided to continue walking around Jonker Walk, 
and see what interesting find we would stumble upon. 
It amazes me how much Jonker walk has changed, 
some old shops were shut down, 
and new shops were competing for business. 

Mamee has also decided to join in the fun, 
when they opened a Mamee museum in Jonker walk. 

It's basically a hub of all things Mamee.
You get to buy Mamee monster (note: at a higher than retail price -.-),
buy merchandise, dining (instant noodle with a twist), 
some fun projects (fees charged) 
and also a visit to their mock factory. 

We then walked towards the red houses area, 
and did all the touristy thing. 

A Malacca trip wouln't be complete without feasting at the local authentic nyonya restaurant. I am a huge huge huge fan of nyonya cuisine, so I was really excited to stuff loads of food in my tummy after so much of walking in the morning.

With the help of GPS, we drove to Melaka Raya, and this area is famous for nyonya cuisine. There are more than 5 along the main road and some of them were being featured on TV. We went into a few famous ones and we had to leave with dejection because all of them were full house!

Although I could be really patient when it comes to good food, my growling stomach wasn't cooperating. So we eventually settled for a mediocre Nyonya restaurant, named Indah Sayang Restaurant

I must say, this whole dining experience was a complete disaster! The boss was extremely rude when he was taking our order. He found it offensive when I asked him what kind of fish did they have? What? Isn't it normal to ask the type of fish we were expecting? He replied brusquely saying " I don't think you would even know what fish I am saying if I mention them", he then mumbled a few words which we couldn't fathom at all. Fine. Nyonya cuisine has really unique name, even me, an avid fan of nyonya cuisine could sometimes forget the name for the dishes. The boss being all rude and ignorant, didn't even bother to recommend any food to us. So we had to play our best bet and waiting for surprise when the food was served.

Tasted okay. 
Probably because okra itself has a sweet taste, 
and as long as we don't overcook it, 
it would still taste good. 
So I was not impressed at all. 

Nyonya Asam Steam Fish
Which again was nothing impressive. 
It didn't taste as sour as I'd have expected,
and it just didn't feel like a broth. 
It was a little bland to my liking.

Chicken Kapitan 
This one tasted okay!
This dish is somewhat a reminiscence of rendang. 

So that concluded our short one day trip to Malacca and I had so so so much fun although it was a short one. I really enjoyed D's company and how D would always take care of everything whenever we are out and about. Of course! My love for Malacca is just great! I love the place, I love how it is a small city and going everywhere is really convenient and I love their rich culture and unique food! 

I can't wait to revisit Malacca with D again, perhaps a longer trip next time? Till we meet again, Malacca!

Restoran Indah Sayang
138, Jalan Melaka Raya,
Taman Melaka Raya
75000 Melaka

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