Pulp by Papa Palheta, Bangsar

Pulp by Papa Palheta, opened about two years ago, had created the greatest hype amongst the other cafe's that were launching around the same time. Pulp Bangsar is a spin off of its main Singapore coffee boutique, Papa Palheta. Knowing that this place is in good hands, it is no wonder that this place had quickly become one of the most sought after cafe's in Bangsar! 

Nestled in the industrial area surrounded by Riong's Balai Berita building, the head office of the New Straits Times Press, this place is very easy to be missed should you not look closely. It occupies a site that was previously the paper-cutting space for the nearly 50-year-old Art Printing Works factory & storehouse, and that has made this cafe looks like it is a part of the office.

I absolutely adore their renovation! 
They remained the old storehouse exterior, with a touch of modernisation you could spot from the mixture of white and grey colour, and the roof to floor glass walls. 
It allows abundant natural sunlight to shine through, giving off a cheerful vibe in the cafe.
But the Sun was very unforgiving on this day, where they claimed equinox was happening.
We were all sweating and our clothes were soaked. LOL. 

This is a retired paper pulping machine or the sort I believe.
Paper pulping and coffee pulping machines share the same mechanism of processing. Making this machine the symbolize of their cafe's origin.
This is the only corner in the place where you can get tons of privacy, 
due to its strategic location with close proximity to the side entrance, 
and the tall machine that keep you hidden from the rest of the patrons. 

This place is almost full house all the time,
so make sure to be there early so you could snag yourselves a table.
This place which is obviously an inspiration of the western cafes, has attracted loads of foreigners. 
There were quite a number of Caucasians spotted in the cafe. 

It is eye-opening to learn that they actually carry a vast variety of coffee beans. 

If you're like me, love coffee, but don't know too much about coffee, 
this is a great place for you to learn and differentiate coffee beans. 
You could open up any cans containing different types of coffee beans, 
and whiff away! 

Pulp's dedication to specialty coffee had limited their cafe to only simple pastries and really great coffee all these while. It's definitely THE place for coffee lovers as it is a cafe without free Wi-Fi and it encourages true appreciation for coffee. 

However, great demand for greater food options had transformed a simple pantry that prepared simple food - pastries, to a proper working and busy kitchen offering various mouthwatering food on a full fledged menu. Now coffee snobs can enjoy coffee and good food at the same time, same place, killing two birds with one stone. 

Balance Breakfast Version 1.0: Rösti, Smoked Chicken Sausages, Sunny Side-up and Greens.
The Rösti is made in house, freshly made upon ordering. The Chef felt the cliche-ness of every Breakfast Set everywhere has to offer, therefore they made a twist by throwing a Rosti in it.

Avocado + Egg 
The best bite sized food for anyone who prefers lighter meals. Bread topped with mashed avocados, egg whites, cut cherry tomatoes, with herbs as seasoning. These Rye breads are taken from Ted Boy Baker (one of the listed place we went on the same day), they are guarantee fresh and how they made it fresh despite purchasing from another place? It's their expensive convection micro-oven that they owned behind the kitchen.

Double Turkey Ham comes with Melted Cheddar Chess inside a Croissant
Breads used from Ted Baker Boy is really a great choice. This croissant is crispy and not to mention buttery too! My all time favorite!
Nitro Black Matter
This is a 10 hours cold brewed coffee insufed with 100% pressurized nitrogen.
This coffee is served through a draught like how beers are being served.
The boldness coffee is strong and taste a little malty like Stout.

Medium Cold Brew (Suke Quto, Ethiopia Sidamo)
This is not your ordinary brewed coffee.
It has a taste of candied sweetness accompanied by citrus acidity.
This is the first time for us to taste such a coffee.

If you're thinking Pulp is just another cafe in Bangsar, you would be surprised to see that this place is actually part cafe, part showroom, part educational center, and part workshop. Besides brewing fresh and great coffee to the coffee addicts daily, it also serves as a distributor of coffee accoutrements for other businesses looking to serve specialty coffee. If you are looking into venturing the cafe business, you could pop down to Pulp by Papa Palheta as it also serves as the distributor for Synesso machines in Singapore and Malaysia, as well as a variety of other coffee related brands.

And here's a tip of killing two birds with one stone at Pulp by Papa Palheta given by the owner of this booming brand upon lauching of the new menu: "Brewed coffee goes really well with rich, buttery desserts such as cheesecake, scones, and carrot cake. For more chocolaty and dark sweets such as brownies and chocolate cake, a milk coffee like a cappuccino would work better.'

I am utterly in love with this cafe and I could not recommend this place enough. It is a welcoming cafe with a cheerful and friendly team, relaxed vibe with clean layout. I can't wait to visit this place again for more exciting meals and coffees!

PULP By Papa Palheta
29-01, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201-3650
Operation hours: Monday-Fridays: 730am - 10pm
                            Sat/Sun/PH: 9am -11pm.

Disclaimer: This blogpost is in collaboration with KetchUp Social Program. 


  1. They got to head back to "school", learn the basic of customer service. When they screw up with order. Didn't bother to apologize for their blunder when informed, 2nd made it worse by asking the customer to collect their drink from the Barista. While their standard practice drink / food are served to individual table.


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