Hanbing Korean Dessert, Bangsar

About a year ago, "Bing Su" aka shaved ice from Korea has took over the dessert market in Malaysia. We could spot at least a bingsu or two from any random Instagram or Facebook accounts, 
and all the girls went berserk for Bing Su

I love ice!! Especially in this sweltering hot weather. It is one of the easiest way to cool our body down, and of course because Bing Su always come in the most picturesque form, it's definitely the kryptonite to any girls out there. 

Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe is a famous Korean Chain started all the way back in Hong Kong. After opening 4 branches in HK, they finally took the plunge to test the water in Malaysia. With a strategic location, and the crazy trend, along with the super crazy hot weather, this place has since became a famous rendezvous amongst the youngsters and dessert lovers. 

As the name imposed, they started out as a Korean Dessert Cafe. But the popularity of K-Drama and K-Pop has made all the girls went gaga over Korean cuisine, so they started selling some really authentic Korean cuisines too. 

Our food is being prepared way earlier before we even arrived.

These are the sides that comes with the noodle below.

Table Cook Toppoki
This picture clearly shows all the ingredient used in this wok. All are necessary to bring out the essence of the soup.

Fish Roe Seaweed Fried Rice
Using the leftover soup of the toppokki, rice and other ingredients were added into the pot.
If you're concerned about your amateur cooking skills, fret not because it will be cooked by the staff of Hanbing and served directly in front of us.

Kimchi Fried Rice
The bottom of this Kim Chi Fried Rice is filled with cheese. It's kind of like a new trend to put cheese in almost any Korean dishes nowadays. Even their instant noodle Shin Ramyun are in the cheese trend. Normally, fried rice will end up sticking against each other. This rice is not the case. 

Korean Spicy Fried Chicken
Conveniently made with only boneless chicken thigh, 
it is one of the easiest to eat fried chicken in the market,
guaranteed with soft and tender meat.

Korean Chicken Salad
Fried chicken with their salad and dressing. Uses only chicken thigh which is perfect to be fried. Just like the spicy version of it, it is tender and juicy. Dressing is a bit sour and creamy.

Cheesy Toppoki
You could see strings of cheese holding on to each other refusing to break everytime you scoop it. 
Spicy korean flavours go absolutely well with cheese, 
so this was really good. 
And the spiciness level is just as authentic as it could be. 

Nokdu Jeon (Mung Bean Pancake)
I believe its some sort of bean that's been grounded and mixed with egg and the other desired ingredient to achieve this recipe.
It looked so fake but delicious!

Kimchi Pancake
So here we have, a kimchi style pancake. Really out of the norm. A little spicy and give off a chewy chewy feeling in your mouth.

Kimbab Rolls
Kimbab is like a cousin of sushi. Apart from using rice and nori seaweeds, kimbab uses sesame oil while sushi uses vinegar to bind the rice together. This is like a traditional dish among korean cuisine. It's can be an appetizer or main dish depending on the person's appetite. 

The Table Cook Toppoki mentioned earlier cooked by Hanbing's staff.

Errrr... Did I mention that they have a Korean Dessert chef here? 
He assured us that we are getting the most authentic and top notch quality bingsu, 
like the ones in Korea! 
Every bowl of desserts were handcrafted by him! 

Oreo Bingsu!
Super adorable I cannot even. 
When the dessert was served on the table, 
all the girls squealed. That's how excited all the girls were. 
I mean who could resist cute things? 
I for sure can not. 

Mango Bingsu!
Perfect antidote to the scorching hot weather. 
Mango is refreshing and sweet, 
went absolutely well with the shaved ice. 

Blueberry Cheese Bingsu
Real blueberries muddled in between,
along with chunks of cheese cake,
salty and yet sweet at the same time.
It is my favourite in terms of taste.

Injeolmi Bingsu
Injeolmi aka Soybean powder is apparently a hit in Korea.
D who is a fan of soy related food is a massive fan.
I think the was the one devouring the mountain like injeolmi.

Regardless of the flavour, their shaved ice deserve a proper shout out. The dessert chef was really skillful with shaving the ice, as every scoop of ice was as fluffy as the cloud.
There weren't any trace of ice chunks in it,
and it melts instantly upon contact with our mouth. 

If you cannot already tell, I was slightly obsessed with the oreo bingsu,
owing to the absolutely adorable display. 
If it wasn't for the time of the month, I would have gobbled up the whole bowl. 

#bestbingsuintown #indeed

Attention to all spicy food lovers out there, 
they are having a spicy noodle challenge! 
If you think your spicy tolerance level is higher than anyone else, 
step right into this shop and take this challenge,
and be rewarded!

Special thanks to the lovely shop owner! They were super generous!!! We were super stuffed with all the food, and as much as we'd love to take them all into our stomach, we couldn't because there were too many choices! We were informed that they have recently expanded their food options, so patrons are able to try out different variety of Korean food, with their famous bingsu all under one roof.

In a nutshell, this place is a must-visit for K fans. You could eat, drink, listen and feel Korean when you're here. It is a great cafe for catch up over desserts, snacks and conversation regardless of time. They adopted the design of minimalist modern, and with all the wooden furniture and orange lightings, it sure feels cosy and homey in this cafe. It explain why this place is always busy and full house even towards midnight.

Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe (next to Hong Leong Bank)
33 Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar, 59100 KL
Tel: 03-2202 0238
Business hours: Mon-Thurs (12pm-12am), Fri-Sat (12pm-1am), Sun (12pm-12am)

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